Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Potty Training... I think.

Naked butts everywhere.. toddler ones that is.

The boys have spent the last week refusing to wear clothing and the last two days, even diapers. Its turning cold (finally) and they want to be naked.

Nap time today was especially rough, they slept in late and refused to nap. Whatever, mom needs a little down time, fillings redone and mouth was killing me. In to bed they go, normal crying "I don't wanna be here" kind of cries.. then, the hysterics begin.

I find Thing 2, naked, in his pee. The horror upon horrors have happened to him, his blankie, his precious blankie from Auntie Julie and Uncle B is wet. He was not upset he peed in his bed but damn, the blankie took one for the team. Get him up and squared and turn to see Thing 1 kicking happily with his legs hanging out of his crib, also butt naked. Fine, out you get. What do they do.. run straight into the bathroom.

That's right, into the potty they went. Thing 2 climbed on while Thing 1 propped him up, giving him encouragement. With an all done declared, and no peepee in the potty, they swapped places and rolls. All on their own. Let me repeat that..

All. On. Their. Own.

I can't begin to imagine how to tackle this. It has been a few months since we tried the potty. Thing 1 had issues with constipation and was scared of the toilet since.

I can't get them to listen to me or figure out how to get them to comprehend telling mommy when they need to potty or getting them to actually pee.

Did I read a book? I gave up on child rearing books when nothing mentioned raising multiples outside of a few specialty books.

I guess I'm going to just go with the flow and see where we end up.

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