Thursday, September 20, 2012

Harry Potter = The Odyssey

  • A discussion about my writing leads to...

    Me: I don't do sad stuff. I think people who just have to write sad and f'ed up stuff because they think that is the only 'good' writing suck. If you have to write depressing sh*t to make yourself feel like you can express emotion... you got problems son. 
    ...I hated that in creative writing classes.
    ....Everyone wants to be Poe.

    Y: I really didn't like Poe

    Me: me either!

    Y: So dark and dreary. tortured souls... blah blag

    Me: agreed. Knocking weary... meh

    Y: And then Thoreau and Walden and transcendentalism and the all seeing eye.

    Me: They had awesome quotes though

    Y: yes. But I was at the, I hate this stage in life. Liked Homer though. 

    Me: ... just got all teary-eyed watching a Harry Potter trailer recounting the years...

    Y: Awww. so would I!

    Me: That's some good lit. right there. Classic. 

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