Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Rambo, Hufflepuff and Optimus, Oh my!

One of my nerdy/hipster friends.... (male)

Me: Have you seen the Expendables 2 yet?
T: I haven't yet. I really want too. 
Me: Aww, well it was super uber awesome!
T: I wanna see it!
Me: So full of ridiculously awesome references to all their old movies. It was so perfectly nerd love/hipster 80's style. 
T: LOL. I love how that and the first one are at least honest about the premise. They just want an over the top action movie.
ME"I had to explain to one of my younger cops (20) that the reason it was awesome was because it didn't need CGI like the Avengers, it was just pure badassery like Predator or Rambo etc.... I felt so old!
T: lol, just READING that makes me feel old... but hey! Avengers is awesome too!
Me: hey, I KNOW, but a different kind of awesome. I love the Avengers. Captain America can save me any day. *rawr*.... AND he'd be a gentleman about it .... so heartthrobby
T: lol. I want a Black Widow. She would kick my ass and I would enjoy it. ;)

BF again...

Me: I am so clearly not appriciated enough. I just read an AWESOME pickup line on Pinterest and lol'd so my officer wanted to know what was so funny. I told him and he just walked away. 
What is so wrong with: "if you were a transformer you'd be Optimus FINE" ???? that is EPIC
Y: Roflmao!
Me:And he is totally the one who came in here SPECIFICALLY to ask me how to spell 'Hufflepuff'. Which, how can you not spell that? It is phonetic AND a cultural icon of our generation!
Y: Again. Roflmao!

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