Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why My Friends are Few

If you are my friend at any given moment you might receive a text that will let you glimpse how my brain works. This is probably why I have so few friends.... Please note, all of these texts were all random comments made during a conversation that they didn't belong in, or without any other conversation at all. 

I highly recommend NOT eating grapes while drinking peppermint mocha coffee

Dixie (my cat) viciously disembowls beetles like there is no tomorrow. One single claw, bam! 

Pick up line: "hey have you heard of princesses?" "yeah?" "heres my number if you ever want to be treated like one"

well oggy just discovered ice cream
if he were a normal cat that would the kind of food he likes
but he is OBSESSED with the baked oatmeal muffins. i make i have to lock myself in a room to eat them

I just insulted my officer lol
I told him he was too old to be my pool boy
he got all offended

In other news, this blog will run Wed-Sun with no posts on Mondays or Tuesdays. Because those are my days off and I have a life to live! Sort of. It mostly involves books,mouse-hunting, books, laundry, books, complaining about grocery-shopping, books, making my husband do stuff, and books. Sometimes I eat too - its a glamour-filled existence I tell you! 

I am also considering making one day a week a regularly written post, which will not be regular for this blog, making it the sad, lonely post of the week?

Also - possibly a section or post where you can share your own, lovely, off-the-wall conversations? 

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