Friday, September 21, 2012

Parenting - Ninja Style

  •  Y is the mother of twins. I might or might not have offered to buy/smuggle one home with me at one point. Because they are THAT adorable. For the purposes of this blog however, they will be referred to by the very well-thought-out and unique appendages 'Thing 1' and 'Thing 2'. 

    Y: I hate my internet

    Me: I sorry

    Y: It is messing up so much that it doesn't work

    Me: Boo! That happens here too sometimes. Restart? Kick?

    Y: It has something to do with the wires themeselves... the cables they aren't the right thing or something. 

    Me: ew. Suckage

    Y: and when I have to the router and modem off, they are UNDER Thing 2's bed. I have to sneak in. SNEAK

    Me: wow... just. wow.... and laughing a bit. Bust mostly sympathetic. promise.
    I am also picturing you doing ninja rolls. 
    In a mask.
    With swords

    Y: I just did.

    Me: <3

    Y: the kid's head was inches... INCHES from my hands when I reached to touch it.
    I could hear him breathing.

    And that is why we will always be friends!

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