Saturday, September 22, 2012

...And That is Why Gingers Have No Souls or Thor is Scottish

  • After receiving a most enlightening history lesson from a co-worker I had to share it with Y, as proof that, weird as we may be, reading books helps make you normal....

    Me: HAHA ooooooh I have a GREAT story to tell you.
    it involves Aliens and Ben Franklin!

    Y: ookay...

    Me: AND [co-worker] swears it is alllll true. Truer than true!

    Y: wow

    Me: Yeah. APPARENTLY aliens helped to write the Constitution. And John Adams wanted Ben Franklin to use is "Science ways" to find out if the Aliens destroyed Soddom and Gomorrah with nuclear weapons.

    Y: Say what?

    Me: Oh the tale isn't done yet! Constintine made up Christianity and the Romans were afriad of the Scottish because Scottish people are devil people.

    Y: hahaha!

    Me: Oh, and the Romans stole the tree of life from the Scottish which was created when Thor was killed battling the end of the world.

    Y: Scottish. huh....

    Me: And so the garden of Eden was in devil Scottish country until the Romans stole it from them. 
    And Thor is a Scottish god... apparently.

    Y: But Thor is Norweigen...

    Me: I know right?

    Y: I mean... wow....

    Me: Romans are scared of gingers. Ergo the Pope declared that gingers have no souls. That is what I have taken away from this. 

    Y: But Gingers don't have souls.

    Me: Exactly. So it must all be true!

    Y: Well... There you go.

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