Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby Fever and Christmas

It is less than 2 months to Christmas.

I LOVE Christmas.

Although, it has been kinda lonely lately. We are all grown up now, my siblings and I. Used to, all my cousins and aunts and uncles would get together on Christmas Eve. Over 30 people. Delicious food. Presents. Excitement. And then Christmas Day, early mornings, stockings, sweet moments with my little brother and sister and my parents.

Now we live too far away from the cousins to regularly have a big Christmas bash. Now, even when my siblings and their spouses added to the mix it is...quiet.

Christmas makes me want little voices and little feet.

Yes. I have baby fever, I've had it for awhile now. Why else would I write a Mommy blog?

But I have a husband whose just started school. And we are just getting our feet under ourselves after three moves across two states in the past year.

So I wait. And I get tired of everyone "predicting" when I'll cave and have a baby. Or the incessant questions of 'when'. It's a given my husband and I will be having a baby first of my siblings. My sister and SIL, whom I love dearly, want a baby to "play" with. They want to be Aunties.

I'm ready to be a mother.

Of course, my husband and I know when we'll start "trying" (a verb I hate in conjunction to pregnancy.) But where would be the fun in fully admitting that?

Also. trying means sex which I love to point out to my sister and gross her out. HA!

And, while people will tell us -way to frequently - to enjoy this time of "just us two" (as if we didn't do that) When you agree to get a treadmill as your Christmas "present" to each other this year, well the romance is hard to see.

I'm not complaining.I want that damn treadmill.

 But I am ready for a little one, with all the magic in their eyes.

baby first christmas 2
 photo by funkeemonkeeland


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