Saturday, November 10, 2012

Gratuitous Wedding Pictures Since I Have No Cute Kids

I have been working on a blog post about myself, to let ya'll know a little bit more about me and where my thoughts on all things baby related come from.

But it has been oddly tiring to write. I don't particularly care to relive things, that just plain suck(ed).

But on too something more interesting at the moment!

Marriage and weddings. Jen and I are both married. We also both know that you can be parents in all different ways.

It's generally easier for us to say "husband" because that is what we have. Being politically correct is boring and time-consuming.

Here is my man, isn't he handsome?

I adore my husband. Sometimes we fight. Sometimes they are stupid fights and sometimes there is actually an issue to be worked through. Sometimes it takes some time. But I know that he loves me always. And he knows that I love him. 
The first time he saw me in my dress <3
(P.S. my Mom and I made my wedding dress)

B. 's favorite picture
I look forward with all my heart to seeing B. become a father. He'll be a great one.
I love my gold shoes
The wedding ceremony, in my parent's backyard
My favorite

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