Saturday, November 17, 2012

Pocket Change is Precious

What goes hand-in-hand with children and babies?


Budgets, gadgets and gizmos!

You know that saying, "if you wait until you have enough to have kids, you'll never have kids"? Well, I agree... and disagree. What happens far to often is that even if people get more money through raises or better jobs, their spending just goes up. Holy crap, do you know how much you spend to go eat at Taco Bell twice a week?

It is insane. Dollar menus and Dollar stores are great - except that even those dollars add up. Love soda? Grab just one a day? Still spending $30 to $40 dollars a month, which is at least $360 a year! What do you do?

You take control. It is your money. You are the one spending it. If you have to sit down every night for year and go over what and where your money went that day to gain control do it. The rewards far out weigh the hassle.

Don't believe me? Well, starting now, not the first of the year, but now, this second this day, I am laying claim and taking responsibility. I bring home under $14,000 a year. And we are living and thriving off of that income. We are putting money into savings.

How? Simple.

Every week I sit down and look at every dollar spent. This really keeps us focused, that vending machine snack might mean no date night later. Yes, our budget is that tight. And that is okay. Once we have more money coming in - we will be doing the same thing. Good habits, fiscal education are irreplaceable gifts to give your children and they are best taught by example.

Yes, I am extremely enthusiastic about this life-long endeavor and I am inviting you to follow along. At least once a month I will be posting about what it takes to live a financially responsible life.   

It's going to be awesome.

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