Friday, November 16, 2012

Downsizing so that Upsizing Can Happen

Jen hasn't been feeling that great this week, and frankly, neither have I.

But a post must go up!

My darling husband and I have been, begrudgingly, looking at our "finances" if that is what you call a college budget, or pretty much a pay-check to pay-check existence.

In the spirit of "the future" we have decided to go look at a trailer to possibly move into next month. It would save us at least $200 a month that we could (and will) put into savings. Every. Single. Month.

It is time and past that we get aggressive about money and savings and being grown-ups.

I hate it.

I happen to like our little house quite a lot, thank you very much. It is 105 years old. every wall in the house is a foot and half thick adobe. It is quiet. I don't like the occasional mouse, or the ants in the summer. Or the waffle-board ceiling, or the excessive electric bill in the summer because it has central air that was installed backwards. But - it isn't a tiny trailer with no yard.

And, I must confess, this idea of moving to a cheaper place? Yeah, it is mine. Paradoxical?

And who found this other place? Me.

I'm having to remind myself a lot that this little town is just a place of long transition for us. 2.5 years until B graduates.

As long as there is room for our books, and the treadmill we ordered and our bed, and as long as the floor isn't falling in or something horrible like that, we will move. and I will grin and bear it. Because someday, not today, or next year, but someday. I'll build a house. And it will be perfectly imperfect.

we have 4 more bookshelves that you can't see here. 

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