Thursday, November 29, 2012

To Tree or Not to Tree

This is the boys first Christmas living in a house larger than a shoebox.  Don't get me wrong, I (mostly) love the house in Washington, its got character. What it lacks, is good space for just about anything (really, any sense of clutter makes you feel like a candidate for Hoarders). So, no tree for the last 2 years. I did decorate 3 years ago and then it took me til April to take them down, damn morning-allday-thissucks sickness.

So the discussions this last weekend was "to tree or not to tree" or in layman's terms.. Real or Fake?

I love real trees, LOVE! The smell, the nature, the awesome, the memories of childhood. But, Oh the mess, the watering and dear lord, will the dog(s) pee on it??

But Fake, no watering, no mess and alas, no smell, no dog pee. But will it last, is it environmentally friendly? I killed one of these on my own. On my own. Its embarrassing and hilarious. It also begs the bigger question; If I can do it what can my offspring do?

I wish I could settle this by just getting a real, plant-able tree but it may prove to be cost-prohibitive.

We shall see what the decision is this weekend.


Family stockings: D, O, Mom, Dad, and the puppies. The 4 small ones hand made by me. 

So, for those burning to know. Mom asked me to add an ornament to the back of the tree (facing the window). Me, ever so lazy, just leaned from the glider rocker to add it. The glider tipped with me in it, into the tree. I had visions of how it was to be a present and I felt like a dumbass. I yelled for my mom, who laughed and then yelled for my dad, who again laughed. I was under this tree for 15 minutes, with them laughing at me. The glider and I were fine, the tree lost power to the bottom 3rd of the light string. Oops.

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