Friday, November 30, 2012

The Education of Produce

I am very passionate about education and gaining knowledge. Teaching by example from the first steps on is an integral part of parenting. While every parent has a different "parenting style" and opinion on different methods, this one philosophy holds true.

For example, Jen's twins think fresh vegetables and fruits are the best snacks ever. They ask for them. They have been known to go "steal" them out of the fridge to eat. The Things would not not doing this if their mom didn't set a great example of what to eat. At two years her boys are learning to eat healthy, through examples.

Another great thing Jen is doing is training to run a 5k with me in January. Take control of her physical health through exercise is a wonderful example for the boys as well. Getting outside, walking and running from a young age so it is a true habit before they go to college - what a gift. No "freshman 30" for those two!

And it started from birth.

These examples, through action, are so powerful. I didn't eat incredibly healthy during college, but I didn't go overboard (except for moonpies, just ask Jen). However, when I was ready to start eating healthy as much as I could, I didn't have to do research or ask a doctor, My parents had set an example my entire life.

 The Happiest 5k on the Plant

Words are powerful as well. If you complain about math, talk about how hard it is, or how much you hate it, or make comments that people who enjoy math are weird... How do you think that will ultimately affect your child's schooling and future decisions?

Being a parent is so hard for that reason. Everything we do and say is noticed and affects our kids. That is so frightening.

When I think about Blair and I becoming a parents, its these thoughts that are sobering. Who we want to be, vs who we are, how we see ourselves, vs how we really are, well, those are issues we discuss at length.

This past year has been one of growing for us. We are working on establishing better eating habits, regular homecooked meals, exercise as a lifestyle and becoming fiscally responsible. I know our kids aren't going to be perfect. And I know that we are going to make lots of mistakes. But striving to be better people - that counts for something. Something deep within us. When you fall in love, you want to be the person they love, be the person they deserve, because you love them. Children are even more. A depth that a non-parent can see, but the fullness of the beauty and fear and hope won't be fully realized until they hold their own child for the first time.

I can't wait.


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