Thursday, November 8, 2012

The day I discovered my kids were coke addicts

Ok, so not really. But they ARE baby powder fiends. They get a little puff of powder at nearly every diaper change (this is the desert and they aren't used to the heat) as it keeps those rashes to a minimum. They love to pretend to put powder on their brother at every change.. because they LOVE to help.

This morning, T2 learned a neat trick.. How to OPEN the powder. Bugger was paying attention. After they were changed and dressed, the diapering accessories were placed in their spot on the counter. Now, I know that the boys can reach said counter and love to see what's there, that is why the knives are locked up, but they hadn't bothered anything related to the powder/ointments, etc.

Now, I tell two 2 year old boys to put their shoes on while I get dressed, as we are leaving to run errands. I took 3 whole minutes to get dressed. Three. This is what I come back to:

This is after the removal of the pillow fort and dusting the children off. 

Looks easy enough, right? A little vaccuming and I'm done. Did you know that stuff clings to the air and travels easily??

Like this:

A whopping 25 feet from the initial incident. 

The floor I just steamed 3 days ago.. yeah, covered in dust. 

LJ for scale.. I swear I spent time cleaning only a few days ago.

Sadly, I didn't get a picture of the boys before I dusted them off. I quickly shooed them to another room, turned on Caillou and went to work. Truly, I think they realized we were going to leave before Caillou came on and they needed a diversion. 

Touche little ones, touche.

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